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Family Session + Tips

Updated: Jan 29

Everybody wants to have the precious moments of their family to be captured. A family photoshoot might feel like an exhausting and chaotic experience at times, but it should not be like that. Moreover, that process should be enjoyable and satisfying, especially when you are not looking for formal and posed photos with obligatory smiling faces.

Here are some tips that will make the photoshoot preparation and the actual process nice and easier:

Outfit colors/Matching

Very matchy doesn’t mean more beautiful. Avoid wearing the same color, for instance, total black or total white. It is better to choose a color palette and play with it.

Logos, characters and patterns

Avoid logos, characters and eye-catching patterns. The focus should be on people and their emotions and not on distracting clothes.

Location and overall look

Family photos should convey all the spontaneous emotions and create a sincere atmosphere. As for me, natural environments are the best for family sessions, namely a picnic in a park or playing with the kids at home.

Location plays a crucial role when it comes to choosing the look and colors. Natural and earthly colors are profitable in all situations. The color and the style should be in accordance with the environment as well. For instance, if it is a park with plenty of green trees and bushes, you should exclude wearing green clothes not to blend, or if it is a country environment, avoid wearing formal suits or gowns and heels.

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