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Photography: Professional Photography in Sacramento, California


"The value of the art is measured by the combination of complexity, beauty and emotional intensity it invokes."

Everlook Photography has been providing photography services in the Greater Sacramento and Folsom areas. Our personalized service accommodates each client’s specific wishes. Whether you are looking to hire us for an event or would like to have a shoot at a studio, send us an email, fill out the form or give us a call and we will make it done the right way.

Everlook Photography specializes in:

  • Newborn photography

  • Couples photography

  • Portrait photography

  • Family photography

  • Children photography

  • Event Photography

  • Food Photography

A black and white portrait of a woman with long hair looking up and smiling.

Great Outdoor Photography Session Locations in Sacramento, California



There are many good locations for outdoor photo shooting in Sacramento. According to Yelp, here is the list of beautiful places that can serve as a harmonic background for your memorable images. 

Find more Outdoor Photography Session Locations in Sacramento on the Map

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If you're reading this line, we have a special offer for you. You came this far and you can definitely go even farther. Via the chat below type the word EVERLOOK and we will provide you a Coupon code*. At the checkout, you'll see the line "Enter a coupon code". Once you enter the provided secret coupon code there, it will give you a discount. So, you will not only enjoy the upcoming session but also will do it at a convenient price. Very tech-savvy of you!

*The same customer can’t use this coupon more than once. Limiting coupons to one per customer doesn’t apply to manual payments.

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